Skye is a resilient brand which shines with a contagious energy and enthusiasm to mentor and coach you to become the best version of you.


It doesn’t matter if you are an owner, CEO, or employee, you are a personal brand to your children, your partner, your peers, and YES, your clients. Everyday assumptions and decisions are made based on your visual appearance first. Your morals, values, and beliefs are being communicated without you saying a single word. Now, let’s package your unique set of gifts, personality, sense of humour and, most importantly your heart, and wrap that awesomeness up into the personal brand called YOU.


Success Stories

I am so grateful to each and every client that has been part of my journey thus far. It’s incredible what we can learn about ourselves when we have the opportunity to express our inner thoughts outwardly.
Here’s what I’ve learned from my clients along the way…We all want to be heard and noticed. What feels like suffering and confusion is actually the foundation for confidence and clarity later. We thrive when we feel empowered. We each have a  gift and purpose that can not be forced to happen, but when we notice the clues and we are intentional about piecing together the mystery we carve out the most beautiful story and song… and live it as our truth.
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What’s your
Style Personality?

Knowing who you are and your style personality is a key element in order to understand your authentic style. It’s like your fingerprint, original and unique. When you have this understanding you will make fewer mistakes in shopping and have a more consistent wardrobe and style that works well together. You will not fit into only one style but have a few with one being your dominant and secondary etc..The results are a guide to point you in the right direction when shopping and applying looks together. The trick is to choose one style per outfit, this way you avoid looking like a Xmas tree and giving the perception of confused and trying too hard instead of effortlessly stylish.


Paying it Forward

I was the fortunate one. I got away, survived and now, I’m shining.

The trauma and after effects of cancer make for a tough journey but self-confidence and self-esteem can be redeemed… one step at a time. Having gone through it myself, I decided to dedicate my time to volunteering at the Look Good Feel Better Foundation. The Look Good Feel Better Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers support for women and men facing all cancers with a specific focus on their emotional and social needs. My volunteer work gives me the opportunity to give back, celebrate life, and show my gratitude by helping others to forget the illness – even if it’s just for a short while – and enjoy a time of pampering.

Although we all go through similar experiences, my aim is to inspire those affected by cancer and show them that we can dedicate time to looking good, which makes us feel better. I am the biggest believer in the power of mindset – it is everything! If we can help these individuals to glow, and feel beautiful and pampered while having fun then we have achieved fabulous.

When you invest in the brand called YOU by working with me and my personal style coaching programme, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world, because with every Skye service purchased, you support a person in need.

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Want to Feel, Look and Do Incredible?

Try the direct line to your personal stylist here… I will keep you updated on the how to’s and why nots leaving you more time for everything else.
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