Change is your superpower

Change is your superpower

How awesome is it to know that if something doesn’t suit us we have the power to change it? The only thing we have to do is make the choice that we are ready for something different. We are forever improving, growing, developing, raising our worth and self-esteem.

I often look at nature for inspiration, calmness and a knowing that we are always in perfect balance. There’s always an abundant flow of newness – every season has a purpose and a time.
So as Autumn arrives, nature lets go, dropping all its leaves and changing into the burnt oranges, yellows and browns everywhere, in preparation for the new.

This opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us is here now. That niggle that has been nagging you for a while, that is not serving your highest good. Whatever it may be for you, a belief, relationship, client, job, a habit or your dressing style. You have the power and choice to do so.

Often we are looking outside of ourselves towards social media, mannequins, magazines, and peers for answers and direction, but the ONLY way to self-development and improvement of life, personal style and happiness is an inside job. Personal style is like your fingerprint, unique and authentic to you, there is no one else on this planet that is like you. It’s time to own your greatness. It takes time, compassion, and self-awareness so let’s begin.

Let’s discover who we are by being mindful and asking these simple questions which will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and with dedicated action you too can reach your desires and aspirations.

Who am I now?

Maybe you healed? Thank goodness! Maybe you have been blessed with motherhood. Maybe you decided that relationship or marriage wasn’t serving you. Maybe you took the plunge and courage and started that business/project that has been on hold forever. Maybe you got promoted, well done. The only sure thing is you are not the same person as a year ago.

Where do I want to be 3 years from now?

Dream about it, and create a clear vision for what could be different, gaining clarity of who you could be in your LIFE, BODY, STYLE that speaks to your vision of being a contribution to this world.

What will it take?
Put plans into action that support that vision. Implement changes in your closet by DECLUTTERING the stagnant energy of the old you and create space for the new. Start eating for nutrition, health, and vitality before you commit to exercising, Let go of the relationships that don’t support and honour you, spend time with yourself. DO IT! One day at a time, one task at a time.

You are the only barrier stopping you from your dreams.

Through applying these same techniques, questions and time with me these are my breakthroughs so far:
Healed from cancer
Healed from trauma
Love my body by feeding it nutrition, receiving vitality, and energy to exercise
Left the relationship
Quit Smoking
Started the business
Higher Self-worth
Higher Self-esteem
Style, contagious energy and an abundance of love for life.

Change is always easier in the beginning because we are tired of the issue, then in the middle, it starts getting a bit more difficult as we are so programmed by our habits. However, if you push through & continue then you will reach the higher ground that you are hoping for.

To help you on your journey we have teamed up and created the masterclass workshop. This 4 part workshop is designed to unlock your feminine power to create and design the Life, Body & Style that is authentically you. It’s limited to 30 guests only so don’t miss-out, commit and honour YOU! Watch your inbox for your invite tomorrow.

All my love Skye X

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