THIS is how you get the job or client

THIS is how you get the job or client

You are amazing ! You have unique skills to offer. There is no one else on this planet like you, and THAT is your power and gift. Now, let’s package your unique set of gifts, personality, sense of humour and most importantly, your heart and wrap that awesomeness up into the personal brand called YOU. Watch:
I always start with doing some research on the client or company beforehand to get a feel of their brand and personal message. Then I choose an outfit to build rapport with the perspective person. This automatically creates commonality or familiarity and opens up a conversation.

You can choose to make the outfit as formal or as relaxed as it need to be, all while staying true to your personality & style.

Here’s 5 simple tips to help you FEEL, LOOK and DO INCREDIBLE:

1. Shoes – Comfortable & clean which could be rocking heels or stylish flats such as pumps or brogues. Shoes are a great way to make a statement! You can add personality with a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit or nude shoes to elongate and add height.

2. Power blouse – A crisp stylish blouse confirms businesswoman and it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet, as it can be tucked into a pencil skirt or let it flow over a pair of trousers or wear with your jeans for a more casual look.

3. Trousers, pants, skirt or a dress -Now that you have your blouse, trousers or skirt (whichever you choose) the best practices about choosing either of these is fit, fit and again fit. Nothing that is too tight and has you tugging consistently throughout your meeting. I would recommend neutral colours like black, white, grey or navy. Choose the style and look that makes you feel best and compliments your personality and skin tone. Colour is hugely important and can make you either look bright-eyed or dead tired and has the power to evoke emotions from your interviewer or client. Add a slim belt for an extra touch of “ I’m really put together”.

4. Accessories- Minimal bag that is neatly organized and daytime accessories that don’t clank and jingle, so NO sparkly night time bling. Accessories are great to add personality to your outfit.

5. Prints – Keep prints to a minimal as these are a distraction and you want the focus on you.

Looking fabulous and put together will get you that needed foot in the door, but no look is complete without your smile and enthusiastic energy. Your genuine charm will intrigue them, even more, to contact you again whether it’s a client or an interviewer.

Finish off with your favourite shade of day lipstick for an extra wow factor with minty fresh breath!

So there you have it ! To Feel Look and Do Incredible – love your look and ooze confidence in yourself every step of the way.

It’s a privilege to connect with you. Please write to me with any style questions or recommendations you may have

Sharing is caring! So… if you have a friend that could use these tips, please share.

Keep on going towards your dreams and goals. You can do it and every day you are one step closer!

Yes, you can!
With Love, Skye X

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