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As a born and bread Portuguese girl, I found solace in my neighbor’s sewing room as a young girl. When I stepped into that room, my imagination and creativity came alive with possibilities of what I could create, and it was a welcome escape from everyday life. As I grew up, my sewing room days stuck with me and helped me design and create my own outfits for the party nights that were to come (shhh! My parents had no idea!) 

It’s through these experiences that I realized clothing is not just pieces of fabric, it really has the power to make us feel a certain way, used to mask our feelings  and also empower us.

My intense love for clothing allowed me decades of experience in the clothing and fashion industry – from clothing manufacturing to high-end fashion retail, I’ve lived it all! But somehow, I never felt satisfied and fulfilled, there was always a longing for deeper purpose.

In 2009, my stage 4 cancer diagnosis awakened me and pushed me into pursuing my purpose: being part of meaningful service to women in the world, using my skills in Image Consulting , Personal Styling, Fashion and Clothing to lift and inspire others. I am a catalyst for transformation and  help women feel the beautiful souls they are, by assisting them with tools in self awareness, setting them apart from the rest – their Unique Super power

My question for you is: Do you know you wear your emotions?  And how does that make you feel? Do you know what your clothing is saying? Do you currently treat clothing as pieces of fabric?  Our clothing is a physical representation of our perceptions, our dissatisfaction, and our desires. When we look beyond the physical to our internal workings, we create a change at the core

Unlike change that occurs in therapy, these difficult internal examinations are softened by the lightness of the wardrobe. Taking care of yourself begins with self discovery. If you’re ready to go on this journey with me – to get unstuck and discover your beautiful soul and then dress it accordingly – I’ll help you gain back your confidence, power, and we’ll even help save the planet while we do it! Let’s get you into stylish clothes that fit well with your body and personality, communicate your brand instantly and are of high enough quality to last you and reduce your carbon footprint on the planet

Personal Style Matters

Many of us know the  feeling of having a wardrobe overflowing with clothes but still  having nothing to wear. I see it all the time! Sometimes we think we can’t wear the clothes we really want to wear because we first need to lose weight, we don’t yet have the self-confidence to pull off the look we want, or maybe we’re just intimidated by the investment of time and money to get the closet we truly want!

Retail therapy and the rush of dopamine that comes with it is short lived –  if what you’re buying isn’t serving you and you vision, and even less so if the clothes might just end up in a landfill later! My desire is to help make shopping a more purposeful and fulfilling experience for you, and to help you learn how to be more creative with your wardrobe with items you already own. When we shop together, we’ll find items that fit you well and that will actually last, so you won’t need to keep buying new items to replace the old!

Join my signature 8-step Process to discover how dressing comfortable, happy and FEELING great about yourself really does make life better. The slightest change in your wardrobe leads to a domino effect of adventure, discovery and unforgettable memories.

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