Professional Skin Care and Make Up (2 Hour Session)


Now that we have your wardrobe all organized and aligned with YOU, it’s time for a skin analysis and make-up session. This helps you to know your face, eye, and eyebrow shape, which colours are suited for your skin tone, and what type of skin you have. Discover what your care & beauty regimen should be and how to apply make-up for natural day looks, occasions and evenings. 


You’ll learn:

  • Your skin type and how to care for it
  • Your face shape 
  • Your eyebrow shape to frame your face 
  • The best colours for your skin tone to highlight your features 
  • How to apply your make-up 
  • Day make-up 
  • Occasion make-up   
  • Evening make-up 


This is a 2-hour session – at our salon with a professional skin & beauty therapist

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