I help women dress their spirit, feel confident, and save 80% on their wardrobe with the 8 steps to the brand called YOU.

As your personal style coach, image consultant and personal brand mentor, I’m here to help you FEEL incredible.

8 Steps to the Brand Called You

(One-on-One Style Sessions)

This 8-step process is for the lady who is ready to release herself  out of the mold she’s been stuck in, and step into the beautiful soul she has always been.

Whether you need a fresh new look for a job, TV appearance, business launch, or just to feel more like yourself again, I’m here to make it possible for you.

These 8 steps can be purchased as a full package or individually if you prefer.

Your Personal Style Development

You may not realise it, but no matter your position in life – Woman, CEO, employee, or owner – you are always portraying a message to those around you through the clothes you wear! Your clothes tell others about how you feel and what type of person you might be, all without saying a word!

Keeping this in mind, how we dress is important. Even a t-shirt and jeans can work if you choose the right t-shirt and jeans for you! This is where I come in. I help you pick well-fitting clothes that suit your body and personality, to help you feel more beautiful, confident, and more in alignment with your desires and self. I want you to be visible and share your gifts with the world.

Through uncovering your emotions, teaching you to dress for your body shape, personality, and lifestyle, my hope is that you’ll rediscover your inner light and portray that to the outside world. Let’s create a unique and consistent message through the clothing you wear, that this is the sincere  you!

The 8 Steps to the Brand Called YOU.

Join my 8-week program a journey of discovery to the best version of YOU. 

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This program includes the following:

In our first one-on-one session I’ll get to know you by discussing your needs, goals & desires, accompanied by a psychometric assessment to determine your style personality. We’ll also take your measurement so we can balance your body as we dress you.

You’ll learn:

  • Your different style personalities & why you choose certain clothing subconsciously
  • Your unique body shape and how to bring it into beautiful balance by dressing correctly
  • Your desired goals & what personal brand you’re communicating through your clothes

This is a 2-hour session at your residence

Once we’ve gathered your data and metrics, we can move on to having a fit session of your current wardrobe. This will help you get clear on your authentic style personality & desired lifestyle. We’ll then create a list of garments & products needed to create an optimally functioning and effortless wardrobe and style for you.

You’ll learn:

We discover and declutter the emotions

  • Why certain fabrics are unforgiving & never feel quite right
  • Why specific cuts & styles never have the desired outcomes
  • Why you’ve never been able to wear that printed top
  • How details can highlight or conceal certain parts of your body
  • Why you feel slimmer or heavier in certain garments
  • Why some colours drain you
  • Why your wardrobe is not functional

This is a 3-hour session, at your wardrobe

After step we can either go to a retail store that is aligned with your style personality together to have a fit session or I’ll go and get the items on your list and return with them for you to try on. By doing this, you’ll have a better visual experience of what does or doesn’t work so well on you in terms of fabrics, colours, and cuts, and why. Then we’ll bring your new and existing wardrobe together to create a host of new  never -ending wardrobe thanks to mixing and matching! 

You’ll learn:

  • What staple pieces you need for a functional wardrobe 
  • The fabrics that are perfect and forgiving for your body 
  • The cuts & styles that enhance your beautiful figure 
  • How to wear prints 
  • How to use details to bring attention to the desired area 
  • How to instantly look slimmer and taller/shorter
  • The best colours to radiate your skin and eyes 
  • How to mix your garments creating a functional, limitless wardrobe
  • How to dress your brand & message consistently, creating trust and rapport 
  • How to shop so that you save money and time, and create lasting confidence and fulfillment 

This is a 3-hour session – at your wardrobe

Now that we have your wardrobe all organized and aligned with YOU, it’s time for a skin analysis and make-up session. This helps you to know your face, eye, and eyebrow shape, which colours are suited for your skin tone, and what type of skin you have. Discover what your care & beauty regimen should be and how to apply make-up for natural day looks, occasions and evenings. 

You’ll learn:

  • Your skin type and how to care for it
  • Your face shape 
  • Your eyebrow shape to frame your face 
  • The best colours for your skin tone to highlight your features 
  • How to apply your make-up 
  • Day make-up 
  • Occasion make-up   
  • Evening make-up 

This is a 2-hour session – at our salon with a professional skin & beauty therapist

In the hair consultation you’ll learn what colours suit your skin tone to promote youthfulness and radiant skin showcasing your eyes. You’ll also learn what cut is best suited for your hair texture, which style is perfect for your face shape, and how to manage it for shiny, healthy-looking hair. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The correct style for your face shape 
  • The right colour palette for your skin tone
  • The right cut for your hair texture to promote bounce and body 
  • How to care for your hair out of the salon 
  • How to style your hair differently with different outfits 

This session is dependent on what is necessary to accomplish the stylish you. (at our salon with a professional hairstylist) 

In this session, we’ll incorporate all your accessories with your outfits, and I’ll show you how to add your personality to an outfit with accessories, as well as how to plan outfits for trips.  We’ll also recap and see how you are managing and applying all previously learned tips, ad taking action to ensure lasting change. Lastly, we’ll create a digital album with your wardrobe, creating your own look book to refer too. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How accessories make an outfit 
  • How to transform your outfit from day to night with accessories
  • The best size and shapes of accessories to suit your frame
  • The colours to make an outfit pop  
  • How to create different looks and styles with one garment 
  • How to dress it up or down 
  • How to plan outfits for trips

This session is a 3-hour session – at your wardrobe

At this stage  we’ll plan and choose different outfits with accessories for your social media and professional platforms to showcase “the brand called” YOU “ in a photoshoot aligning you with your goals and desires. 

This is a 2-hour session

Photoshoot Day! “A picture says a thousand words”, and in essence it conveys its meaning more effectively than a description does. This is the final outcome to showcase the personal brand called YOU. You will be guided on how to pose, giving you confidence in front of the camera, whilst having fun! You’ll receive 8 professional images presenting the best version of YOU, aligning with your goals and desires. 

You’ll learn:

  • You are beautiful, confident and unique.
  • How to pose for the camera 
  • How to style yourself for a photoshoot

This session is location dependant and a half-day shoot. 

You can purchase individual session at R3999 as and when you want to do them, or you can purchase the whole package at R31999.

Dare to be Visible

Most people have a fear of the camera, as we are our worst inner critics. This session is about getting you comfortable and confident in front of the camera. You’ll have a trio team guiding and assisting you to present the best version of the beautiful you, that you already are. With beautifully applied professional make-up, styled perfectly by me as your personal stylist for YOUR personal brand, then guided and directed by the talented eye of the photographer, the result is a picture that says a thousand words – aligning you with your dreams and desires and making you visible.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You have never had a professional photoshoot done before.
  • You haven’t updated your professional and personal online profile in over a year.
  • You are needing images for marketing material, personal and professional portfolios.
  • You are needing images for different platforms with different poses and different outfits.

This session is location-based depending on your brand and needs, and can be done individually OR in a group. Contact me to sign up for our next group photoshoot, where you will be allocated a time slot. The group photoshoots are fixed location and are more cost-effective.

The photoshoot team consists of the professional photographer, the professional make-up artist, and your personal stylist. The trio will collaborate to ensure your images are worth a thousand words you want to be captured.

The Masterclass

This group workshop is fun and interactive and is centred around helping individuals discover their personal & professional strengths. This class helps you have a change in perspective, language, and behaviour. An excitement to find your own set of powers by self-awareness. Learn to let go of the fixed victim mindset and move to a growth mindset. Once the inner state is acknowledged, we can discover your personal brand, style personality, and your body metrics, followed with tools on how to present your brand to align with your goals and desires.

This masterclass is perfect for the individual who is going through change, becoming self-aware and committed to being the best version of themselves – although this is set in a group, it is individually focused. The masterclass is in 2 parts and is taught by a life & business coach with a master’s degree in personal and professional leadership, and a certified international fashion stylist image consultant and personal brand mentor.

You will discover:

  • Your mindset
  • Your professional strengths
  • Your personal strengths
  • Your personal brand
  • Your personal authentic superpower
  • How you have dimmed your light
  • How to step into your power to help you live a more mindful, radiant, fulfilled life.

This masterclass has a workbook with exercises and tools to help you discover your personal and professional superpowers, making it individually focused and personal. It’s suited to groups of minimum 10 people – maximum 30 people.

Recreate Your Wardrobe

Dress Your Spirit

In this session, we will look at your current wardrobe and help you declutter. I will then guide you in putting together the pieces you already have to create outfits you would never have thought of piecing together – that fit your personality, body and personal brand perfectly.

This session is ideal if you have no idea about how to mix and match, or how to create different looks with the pieces you love. If you continuously wear the same outfits the same way or have items in your wardrobe that have never been worn because you are not sure how to put them together – this is for you!

You’ll learn:

  • What your style personality is
  • What your personal brand is
  • How to create outfits with existing clothes
  • How to maximize your wardrobe
  • A more streamlined wardrobe with only pieces that you wear

This session is 3 hours at your wardrobe

Finding Your Fit

Styling Your Body

This session is about discovering your metrics and body shape, and how to dress your body by balancing and creating a slimmer silhouette. I’ll teach you which fabrics, cuts, and styles are good for your shape.  I’ll also help you declutter your wardrobe, and you will receive a digital fitting room formula that is uniquely yours to help you shop for dresses, pants, jeans, accessories, and shoes.

This session is the perfect session if you don’t know your body shape, feel uncomfortable about a certain area, buy items to feel good then later discover they don’t quite work, or just have no idea what to shop for. I can help you here!

You’ll learn:

  • Why certain fabrics never feel right and are unforgiving
  • Why certain cuts and style never seem to have the desired outcome
  • Why you’ve never been able to wear that printed top, dress, or pants
  • How details can highlight or conceal certain parts
  • Why you feel slimmer or heavier in certain garments
  • Why some colours drain you
  • Why your wardrobe is not functional
  • The pieces that are missing to make your wardrobe functional
  • Clarity on what your buying patterns are

This is a 3-hour session at your wardrobe